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For John John The Best Things Come In Twelve’s

In this instalment of John John Florence’s cinematic ‘Twelve’ series, the Hawaiian and recent 2016 WSL Champion, shares his passion for sailing, sushi and the sea.

November 5, 2018
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by Hurley
figure diving underwater
JJF hawaii cave diving
JJF cave sandy beach
JJF blue sailing boat

It’s about being creative with your own lines whether you’re surfing or sailing. You have no choice but to be present and it makes you forget about everything else that’s going on. It’s almost a meditation in a way.

Mr John John Florence

Join John John as he sails around the dramatic Hawaiian Islands, snorkeling, fishing and free surfing in WA to his own indomitable standards.  Refreshingly, no heats, no jerseys, just John John in a more philosophical state of mind.

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