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The Tsirku Glacier, Tackling Corrugated’s Spines

In a remote and inaccessible area where British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska converge, lies a peak called Corregated, on the outskirts of the Tsirku glacier.

December 20, 2017
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by The North Face & Sherpas Cinema

You’re searching and exploring for these things that haven’t been done. Corrugated is one of the hardest places to get in the world (and) only a couple people have done it.

Mr Sam Anthamatten

Corrugated has only been ridden once previously by Jeremy Jones, Xavier De La Rue and Ryan Bell in the movie Deeper, before Ralph Backstrom, Sam Anthamatten and Hadley Hammer traveled to the remote zone to film Tsirku – a short three part series from Sherpas Cinema and The North Face.  The team’s journey began with dreamy heli-skiing in the Saint Elias Mountains and some airborn reconnaissance, before Mr Backstrom, Mr Anthamatten and Miss Hammer prepared for an arduous 60-kilometer snowmobile journey marked by crevasses, severe wind and avalanche zones to the inaccessible Tsirku glacier.

I’ve never seen anything like that face . . . It’s indescribable.

Mr Ralph Backstrom

The huge, tightly packed spines hold an incredible amount of snow, given how steep the face is.  Spine skiing is incredibly technical, and on Corrugated accessing the Spines from fragile cornices at the Summit, was an additional challenge.

The beautiful thing is every descent is a first descent.

Mr Sam Anthamatten

That one steep line had the three of them in the Yukon for an entire month, but for the adventures it was certainly worth it. Be sure to watch The North Face ski Corrugated in three part series above.

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