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Advertising on SEIKK allows your brand to reach a premium and influential audience of active gentlemen through our unique shoppable magazine

SEIKK is a broad-reaching and agile lifestyle brand, whose quality lies in helping our readers live more adventurous lives. Our publishing platform offers various native opportunities for your brand to reach our community of consumers – wherever they are – and then offer them a guide for curating an adventurous life that is intrinsically their own.


SEIKK will work collaboratively with you to create custom native stories to present your brand’s content seamlessly and authentically. Stories written by us and published to our community will create an authentic and content-rich opportunity to tell your story with great writing, emotive photography and engaging videos. Native stories also benefit from prominent feature slots throughout the magazine, ensuring consumers are touched at different points in their customer journey.


A large and prominent, very visual branded card that sits next to our most promoted stories in the shoppable magazine. Complimented by smaller banner slots located within our most popular and adjacent editorial content. With strong visual branding and a clear call to action button, brands can direct engagement to their preferred URL destination, from multiple onsite locations.


Much the same as Facebook and Instagram, we can boost your content to the community through feeds, search, emails and more. Get in touch with us to learn more about Boosts.

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