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Iceland Disentangled

Two photo essays called 'Disentangled' by Mr Colin Rex, previewing the Arc'teryx Beta SV Jacket

May 14, 2019
Photos by Mr Colin Rex & Words
Exploring Iceland : United States DC-3 airplane & red Arc'teryx Beta SV Jacket in iceland | SEIKK Magazine
Exploring Iceland : United States DC-3 airplane wreckage in iceland with red Arc'teryx Beta SV Jacket | SEIKK Magazine
Exploring Iceland : Solheimasandur ’s black sand beach with red Arc'teryx Beta SV Jacket | SEIKK Magazine
Iceland Arcteryx Beta SV Jacket in red - Exploring Iceland | SEIKK Magazine


Disentangled (verb): freed from what binds or holds back

My latest project, shot amongst the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland, consists of a series of self-portraits taken all over the island in my bright orange jacket. I sought to escape the routine of city living for a while, and the unforgivable Icelandic winter offered me exactly what I needed at the time: refuge.

Strangely, what that meant for me was extended exposure to the most extreme conditions on a two-week-long road trip around the land of fire and ice.

This geothermal hot spring is hidden inside a small cave called Grjótagjá, which rests underneath the enchanting lava fields of northern Iceland. It was recently made famous by a steamy Game of Thrones scene (you know the one) back in season three. Believe it or not, this shot is actually a long exposure, meaning I had to hold my pose for 20 seconds while the shutter was open!

Exploring Iceland : GRJOTAGJA CAVE with a red Arcteryx beta sv jacket | SEIKK Magazine

One of my goals for the project was to document man’s humble place within nature, which was easier done than said in places like Vík, pictured here. The columns I’m standing on were formed millions of years ago by a process called columnar joining, which has to do with the way the basaltic lava cools over an extended period of time. Geology rocks!

These breathtaking formations are a popular tourist attraction at Reynisfjara beach, towering over the apocalyptic black sand only a stone’s throw from the Atlantic ocean on the southern coast of this small island nation. Get lost and find yourself!

Exploring Iceland - REYNISFJARA BEACH with red Arcteryx beta sv jacket | SEIKK Magazine

The jacket featured is the Beta SV which will be featured prominently in the Arc’teryx Fall/Winter range. Highly versatile the GORE-TEX® Arc’teryx Beta SV Jacket is designed for severe alpine conditions.

It’s lightweight and rugged, with highly durable waterproof, windproof and breathable N80p-X 3L GORE-TEX® Pro fabric. A StormHood™ provides full weather protection without impeding peripheral vision and glove-friendly Cohaesive™ cordlocks ensure extremities are well protected. Pit zips and the articulated fit with Ergonomic 3-Dimensional (e3D) patterning, allows unrestricted body movement and comfortably accommodates layering.

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Prints from the series are available to purchase through Mr Rex’s website and you can follow Colin’s adventures on Instagram here.

Mr Colin Rex is an adventure photographer born and raised in North Carolina, United States. He travels the world using photography as a means to study and explore it and currently resides in beautiful Colorado.

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