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Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan’s Apothecary

Celebrity hairdresser, bike lover and outfitter Mr John Mullan talks us through his beard care and grooming tips. As well as his ethical and natural line of male skincare, beard oils and lifestyle products from Mr Mullan’s Apothecary.

Last updated July 12th, 2024
Words by Mr John Mullan
Photos by Mr John Mullan & Mr Mullan’s Apothecary
Mr John Mullan - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan's Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine
Mr John Mullan Cutting A Mans Beard In His London Stone Hair Salon - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan's Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine
Mr John Mullan Standing Outside Mr Mullans General Store In Soho, London - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan's Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine


Best known for his Stone Hair Salon in Kingston, London (with adjacent General Store), Mr John Mullan is an international session stylist and bona fide 'Renaissance man'. Mr Mullan has styled celebrities including Mark Ronson and has worked in exotic locations for publications including Esquire magazine. We caught up with John following some work in Oman to talk about male grooming and beard care. And to learn more about Mr Mullan’s Apothecary; his line of ethical male skincare, natural beard oils and sustainable grooming tools.

Tell us about the brand Mr Mullan’s Apothecary? What is it all about?

Mr Mullan’s Apothecary is a skincare, grooming and lifestyle range born out of my expertise in the hair and grooming industry inspired by my travels around the globe. Using only the finest ingredients from the natural world. I wanted to create a sensory experience for the modern man. An experience that that evokes the spirit of Americana nostalgia, taking modern man back to his roots awakening the personal freedom that is easily buried in the chaos of modern times.

Mr Mullans Apothecary Beard Care Products And The Best Mens Grooming Tools On A Table - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan’s Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine

How did you get into the hair and grooming industry?

I started early in hairdressing. My mum introduced me to a salon for weekend work to keep me out of trouble growing up in Belfast. I was surrounded by creative people and knew it was an industry I wanted to be a part of. I was 21 when I opened my first salon in Kingston Upon Thames, and Stone Hair has since been my primary base of operations, despite there having been many other projects over the years.

John Mullan From Mr Mullans Apothecary On His Classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan’s Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine

How did this evolve into making your own beard care and grooming products?

It happened quite naturally. I do a lot of session work and would be turning up for shoots having to mix products already on the market to try and get my desired effect, it was then I knew the market was out there for something I couldn’t find. I began doing my research and looking into ingredients in the grooming products on the market. I began by experimenting with different ingredients that had properties that catered for the hair and skin and testing them on myself. Each one of my products not only smells great and is easy to work with but every ingredient has been selected for its hair and skin properties. I only use natural and sustainable ingredients and it is very important to me that my products are ethical and natural.

After the success of my grooming products, I turned my attention to skincare. I went down the same route, researching products I liked, products I didn’t and then dissecting the ingredients. I found that even in the products I had believed were natural or good for the skin there were so many synthetic filler ingredients that had no benefits to the skin and the ingredients that did were a very small percentage. Again I began experimenting in the studio with natural ingredients and so the new skincare range was born. I am pleased to announce I now have an all-natural cleanser, face oil and moisturiser with hyaluronic acid perfect for combating the stresses of modern-day life on the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Inside Mr Mullans Apothecary Laboratory Workshop - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan’s Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine

How do I know what products are suitable for my beard?

Beard balm has more hold in it than the oil, so if you’re sporting a big rugged beard the balm is for you. It’s fantastic for keeping the beard manageable, under control and holding its shape. The beeswax in my balm has moisturising and softening properties on the hair and tames flyaway so it’s great for the active gent. My beard oil contains sweet almond as it is great on the skin, it protects the skin cells from UV rays and keeps the skin smooth and minimises lines.

What should my daily routine be to look after my beard?

After using Mr Mullan’s skincare regime of course… Wash and cleanse it every day and then apply a couple of drops of beard oil if you have a shorter beard. It’s best to do this when the hair is wet, as the cuticle is open after cleansing so the product will absorb better. For a bigger beard blow-dry your beard if it’s unruly to create your desired shape and to prevent it from curling later on in the day. Finally, apply balm to bigger beards and comb through and you’re set for whatever the day brings.

Mr Mullans Apothecary Beard Care Products And Mens Hair And Beard Grooming Tools 2 - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan’s Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine

So what ingredients made the final cut? How do you decide?

I began identifying the popular skin concerns I wanted to tackle for me to pick my core ingredients for each formula. The essential oils have to work with the core ingredients not only in terms of scent but also in terms of benefits to the skin. Each ingredient would address a concern in order the keep the range effective but easy to use. The modern man doesn’t have much time so I didn’t want to overcomplicate anything.

For instance, take my moisturiser, it offers powerful hydration but with added skin properties making it more than just a classic moisturiser. The rosewood in it has antibacterial properties to keep the skin clean, jojoba reduces any redness in the skin and will not block your pores and the bee’s wax works by attracting moisture to the skin and contains vitamin A which promoted collagen production.

The cleanser is rich in vitamin E which penetrates deep into the skin providing protection and moisture whilst cleansing, the rosewood works well in there with its anti-ageing properties and the product is perfect for dull, dry and even oily skin as it stimulates the cells and regenerates tissues.

My face oil contains frankincense to lift and tighten the skin which is great at combating the ageing process whilst the chamomile is antiseptic and antioxidant. It’s simple, it’s all about keeping the skin clean and hydrated. if you use them all together, you have every base covered!

What can we expect to come in the future of Mr Mullan’s Apothecary?

I have some exciting things in the pipeline, after learning so much through my research with beard grooming and the properties and benefits of natural ingredients that skincare was the next step. My latest product which is soon to hit the shelves is an all-natural eye cream. The range is tailored to men that enjoy the adventure and outdoor lifestyle. With an easy regime, it is perfect for balancing, repairing and renewing the skin as it battles the elements, pollution, and stress of modern-day living.

John Mullan From Mr Mullans Apothecary Riding His Classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle 2 - Beard Care & Grooming Tips By Mr Mullan’s Apothecary | SEIKK Magazine

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Mr Mullan’s Apothecary skincare, beard care, grooming and lifestyle products are available to order through the Mr Mullans Apothecary website and you can follow more of Mr John Mullan’s adventures on Instagram here.

Mr John Mullan is an international session stylist, male grooming and beard guru. John loves classic motorcycles and is the founder of London hair salon Stone Hair, Mr Mullans Apothecary and Mr Mullans General Stores.

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