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Atelier de Production et de Création or A.P.C. was founded in Paris in 1987, since then APC has established itself as a leader in premium menswear, designing clean minimalist easy-to-wear wardrobe staples with a classic French APC style.

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There must be a secret (silent) agreement between Jean Touitou and words (he happens to venerate them). However, these seem to slip away when they are summoned to speak about this character who, in 2009, lives between Shibuya and Mercer street, rue Madame and Stockholm, Beckett and Cristobal Balenciaga. One is sometimes tempted to ask Jean Touitou if he doesn’t feel like looking back, to have a look at what he’s been up to since his birth in Tunis in 1951. We don’t. BEWARE. He belongs to a category of people who flies across the century without any warning, yet leaving his own touch. When he was sixteen, he backed Chairman Mao. At eighteen he’s ready for university. He joins the Trotskyite International organisation (the O.C.I.) when he was twenty. Dublin was his secret name. As soon as things started, they just kept going on, relentlessly, the way a rhythm section does (dialectics, though steady beat calls for Motown). Store man, then accountant for Kenzo, an associate for the development of Agnes b. in the American continent, associate with Irie and Joseph. PEAK. He starts A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation) in 1987 with a men’s collection (the women’s collection will come in 1988). Ideal for this period when lines and guitar riffs are clearly cut out, just in time for an ace to bring us some style. People like Jean Touitou are then asked what he can see of us. He hears, first and foremost. Words are scarce. The sound he can hear is a very nervous one, both haunting and full of urgency. The sound of rock’n’ roll quite probably. The imagery will become his, he will be light and rebellious, rigorous and tight, will aim to what is the most cutting. The paradox is that this sacred energy can’t be found in his collections. They are full of the intriguing distance of those who have said enough. But bursts of sentiment, no such thing, a mere standpoint, an elegant unease. No name, no shouting. No way. Such is the weeded out phlegm of twentieth century dandies: Ray Davies, Brian Jones. This list could go on... Roland Barthes, Adorno, The Beatles, Ma... No names. VIRTUE. Difficult to put the A.P.C. collections (forty in twenty years) into words, these clothes, discreetly suiting the occasion, giving a fleeting demeanour, adding glamour to dusk, and they simply look like those who wear them, mostly impalpable, half dissident and half trend setter, urban evanescent and wanderers full of idiosyncrasies. It’s as though there was a virtuous circle between the atmosphere of the boutiques and those who are used to going there. The lighting is soft, nothing is offensive. We are here between brackets; no slashing quotation marks will disturb this universe, this white wall, this wall of guitars. Here we are mere partners, and we have agreed being so. No banners which come as labels, no shiny hymns. This is the way a myth builds up, weaved from all the details a period has to offer (a bob, a reefer jacket, a pair of trainers, a pair of shorts) and this is all so fresh (a schoolboy’s cape, dancing shoes, a smock). Like a casually whispered secret. FOLD. It’s everywhere. In Aoyama, Daikanyama, on Mercer Street, in Berlin, Antwerp, Festival Walk (Hong Kong), rue de Marseille (Paris)... Jean Touitou and A.P.C. too : 25 boutiques as such, 10 franchise stores, 100 multibrand ones, 250 people. No lack of strategy aiming at foreign currency, just time folding. A stroll through Copenhagen, the discovery of a striking boutique, and a few months later A.P.C. settles on Montergade 5. In Tokyo, things are even more disturbing. There are the thrilled adoring crowds, immediate reaction, a cult which is an insight into things that will happen, and all this is draped in Masamichi Katayama’s wonder wall agency’s playful transparency (they have recently brushed up Colette’s boutique in Paris). SAY NO. The paradox with going fast, is that you have to take what goes slowly in a given period into account. No mingling, the voluptuous delight of saying no, not yet. This is a bit like the promises of dawn, and this is how one reaches these delicate moments: offering 150 euros cashmere sweaters is to become part of a new century which is radically going all over the place, which is always somewhere else. Values are crumbling, are changing at the speed of sound. When things are going so fast, it is good to hold on to the right guns, stick to your principles and your adolescent value, to think of something else and always be on the move in order not to be caught up. Jean Touitou at A.P.C.’s helm, a pop eyed spacer of sorts, is off and over the hills. More at ease with an eighteen century weaving machine turning out wine red frogs than at a New-York charity diner (his own words). He published twenty C.D’s as in a crazy ball trap (from Cuban music, Jewish Arabic dub with Lili Boniche, to his unconditional backing of Housse de Racket or Metronomy). He talks about Balenciaga, Cristobal Balenciaga, who himself said he was going to put an end to his fashion house, said it would soon be gone. Jean Touitou was cheeky in the same way and said, as if he were David Bowie talking about Ziggy, that A. P.C. would be gone by 2003. In this manner he remained true to his adolescent feelings of exasperation, and he would even be ready to part with rock n’roll if it keeps on as the farce people have made of it, a mockery of its original raunchy slashing appeal. WAHWAH. At the rue Madame head office in Paris, at six P.M, you can often see the accountant and the P.R. woman, gathering into the house recording studio. Jonathan Richman, Sofia Coppola, Marc Jacobs, Bill Laswell, Wes Anderson were there before them, around the Ludwig set of drums, Jean Touitou’s faithful Fender Jazmaster guitar and his Dunlop cry baby pedal. Words which intimidate him so much are not forgotten. As he was recently about to give up taking over his group, he stood for a few minutes in front of the rue Madame shop window, a way of pulling himself together. In the shop window stood proudly a re-issue of a book which is making many people wonder : Tony Duvert’s «Anneau à l’oreille» as well as his «Abécédaire malveillant». This is all part of A.P.C.’s disquieting game of hop scotch (olive oil, guitar pick, perfume, man’s handbag) and a new square has just turned up on this game: a private kindergarten school, rue de Fleurus, designed by Laurent Deroo, with furniture by Alvar Aalto and the help of Jessica Ogden. François Juve. DATES. 1951. Jean Touitou is born in Tunis. 1960. Departure for France. 1987. First men’s collection. 1988. First women’s collection. 1991. Opening of the first women’s japanese boutique, Daykanyama. 1992. Opening of the first boutique for men in Japan Daikanyama. 1993. Opening of the Mercer street boutique in New-York. 1994. Kobe boutique (Japan). 1995. First mail order sale catalogue. 1996. Opening of Fukuora boutique (Japan) and corner in Takashimaya Shinjuku (Tokyo). 1997. The Internet site starts. 1999. Opening in Osaka (Japan). 2001. Opening in Marunouchi (Tokyo). 2002. Opening in Harajuku (Tokyo), Nagoya. 2003. Travel to India and beginning of a long story with Jessica Ogden (Madras line, opening of an office in Chennai). 2004. Opening of the Paris Marais district boutique, 112 rue Vieille du Temple. Opening of the Berlin boutique. 2006. Opening of the Stockholm boutique. 2007. Opening of a boutique in Los Angeles. Jonathan Richman records in the A.P.C. Section Musicale studio. 2008. Opening of the Paris 5, rue de Marseille boutique in the tenth arrondissement, as well as in Osaka, Hankyu and Aoyama (Tokyo). Tony Duvert re-issue with les Editions de Minuit. A.P.C. Partner with film director Wes Anderson (The Darjeeling limited). 2009. Opening of the London boutique. Opening of the Paris 4, rue Ampère boutique, seventeenth arrondissement. Opening of a shop accessories in Paris 1, rue de Varenne, seventh arrondissement. 2010. A.P.C. Partner with film director Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mister Fox). Opening of the Singapore boutique. 2011. A.P.C. Quilts are launched, using recycled fabrics from the A.P.C. archive and designed by Jean Touitou and Jessica Ogden. 2011. Store openings at Perry Street New York, Seoul in South Korea, Redchurch Street in London, Brussels, Lille and Paris rue Royale. 2012. A.P.C. start collaborating with Vanessa Seward with an on-schedule presentation during Paris Fashion Week. 2012. A.P.C. celebrate their 25th anniversary and the head office is given a full architectural refurbishment by Laurent Deroo. As well as housing the design studio, production, media and other departments, it also becomes home to the A.P.C. presentations held during the mens and womens pret-a-porter collections in Paris. 2013. More store openings including another store on rue Madame (becoming the first separate mens and womens stores in Paris), rue d'Alger and rue des Filles du Calvaire also in Paris. Bond street in New York and a second store in Berlin, on Fasanenstrasse.
A.P.C.Sunday, September 8th, 2019 at 9:31pm

@apc_paris and @wearebraindead teamed up for Interaction3, Future Shock is part of the A.P.C. Winter 2019 collection.

#Interaction3, #FutureShock is Brain Dead’s imaginary Sci-Fi movie.

@apc_paris x

A.P.C.Friday, September 6th, 2019 at 1:15am

As part of our A.P.C. Winter 2019 collection, Brain Dead creates #FutureShock for #Interaction3 with pieces for men and women.

#FutureShock is Brain Dead’s imaginary Sci-Fi movie.

Launching September 10th, 2019...

A.P.C.Thursday, September 5th, 2019 at 2:11am

As part of our A.P.C. Winter 2019 collection, Brain Dead imagines a Sci-Fi movie scenario #FutureShock for #Interaction3 with pieces for men and women.

Launching September 10th, 2019 in stores and at


A.P.C.Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at 10:39pm

A.P.C. recrute des vendeurs/vendeuses à temps plein (Paris).
Pour postuler, déposez votre CV dans les boutiques A.P.C. ou par e-mail :

A.P.C.Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at 12:49am

A.P.C. rue Vieille du Temple store staff in Paris.
Victoire on the left is wearing the Oleson dress with the Judith sandals.
Aurélien on the right is wearing the Jimmy t-shirt with the Atelier shirt, the Richard jeans in off white, the Paris...

A.P.C.Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 12:42am

The Rondo quilt from the round 16 of A.P.C. quilts is designed by Jessica Ogden (@the_cat_whiskers) and Jean Touitou(@jeantouitou), photographed by Alfredo Piola (@alfredo_piola).
This very limited edition is created from patchworks of cotton fabrics in multiple colors, used in previous A.P.C. collections....

A.P.C.Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 1:03am

For the Fall 2019 collection, longtime A.P.C. collaborator and stylist Suzanne Koller (@suzannekoller) takes part for the Interaction 2.
Suzanne Koller’s take results in a 10-piece collection exploring her vision of modern simplicity and obvious classics pulled from her wardrobe.
Launching July...

A.P.C.Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 at 1:38am

The army of decent human beings has lost a soldier. We still cannot accept that Zdar won’t be around anymore.

Philippe and Hubert have helped us a few times with our shows soundtracks.

Zdar had just the right...

A.P.C.Thursday, June 20th, 2019 at 1:28am

Introducing the A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2019 pre-collection campaign.
Jamily Wernke Meurer (@jamilymeurer) shot by Bibi Borthwick (@bibicornejoborthwick) wearing the Tosca jacket with the Jenn skirt.
Available in stores and at

A.P.C.Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 at 1:58am

A.P.C. San Francisco store staff.
Luis on the left is wearing the Colin knit sweater with the Formel pants and the Minimal sneakers.
Katie on the right is wearing the June dress and the Judith sandals.

The Spring/Summer collection is...

A.P.C.Saturday, June 15th, 2019 at 1:25am

The Run Around sneakers from the A.P.C. Spring/Summer 2019

Sneakers’ names are a reference to The Velvet Underground song ‘Run Run Run’ which begins by:

“Teenage Mary said to Uncle Dave
I sold my soul, must be...

A.P.C.Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 12:24am

Introducing the A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2019 pre-collection.
Jesaja Gemin (@jesajagemin) shot by Bibi Borthwick (@bibicornejoborthwick) wearing the Quilt Jacket with the Petit Standard jeans.
Available in stores and at
#APC #FW19 #Denim