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Concrete Cabin : The H3 House

Located four hours south east of Buenos Aries in Mar Azul and built upon a small 688 square foot coastal plot, the H3 house, designed by Argentinian architecture firm Luciano Kruk was conceived as a modest summer home for three sisters and their families.

December 3, 2019
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by Luciano Kruk
Concrete Cabin, The H3 House by Luciano Kruk Architects - Outside | SEIKK Magazine
H3 House By Luciano Kruk Architects - Modern Kitchen With Chairs And Wood Burner | SEIKK Magazine
H3 House By Luciano Kruk Architects - Modern Kitchen View | SEIKK Magazine
H3 House by Luciano Kruk Architects - Outside View In Forest | SEIKK Magazine

. . . the layout of the house is the result of an architectural synthesis of the sisters’ intentions and desires. In its minimum scale, the house rises by its own will, but also integrates itself respectfully with its surroundings, both natural and human-built.

Luciano Kruk

H3 hosts two social areas with one being a bit more private, along with a master bedroom and a smaller “cabin-like” one that shares a Jack and Jill bathroom. The master bedroom benefits from an indoor/outdoor area and provides some outdoor privacy for the inhabitants of that room. The H3’s design is established as a concrete block and built entirely from exposed concrete, simplifying construction and future maintenance. The kitchen is located on the ground floor along with the living and dining area which are visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Keeping this small minimalist home cool is aided by the sea breeze, and by the shade provided from the surrounding pine trees.

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