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The World Of Twin Peaks, The Return

In the 90’s Twin Peaks was pioneering with its surreal and enigmatic storytelling. Back then Laura Palmer promised in the Red Room "I'll see you again in 25 years," a premonition or just a coincidence?

December 24, 2017
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by Showtime
Twin Peaks 2017 Landscape with face of Laura Palmer
Twin Peaks 2017 Kyle MacLachlan and Al Strobel in a still from Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks 2017 Michael Horse in a still from Twin Peaks with boxes
Twin Peaks 2017 Agent Cooper / Kyle MacLachlan looking into a mirror in a still from Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks 2017 Miguel Ferrer and David Lynch in a still from Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks 2017 still from the new series
Laura Dern smoking in a still from Twin Peaks 2017

In preparation for the impending finale of the 18 episode Twin Peaks (2017) Season 3 released on Showtime and in the UK on Sky Atlantic, this is what we know.

Set 25 years after the original Twin Peaks, the series focuses on a number of storylines, many of which are connected through association with FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (MacLachlan). Unlike the original series, which predominantly took place in the fictional Washington town of the same name, the storylines span several locations, primarily the titular town, Las Vegas, and South Dakota.


After some wrangles the original Twin Peaks series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are back in control for the long awaited new season, along with most of the original cast and some stellar new cast members.

In his book ‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’ co-creator Mr Frost revealed some story details in the synopsis:

Twenty-five years (after Dale Cooper's investigation of the murder of Laura Palmer), the FBI gets a hold of a box it won't divulge the provenance of. In the box, a huge dossier . . . A female FBI agent is tasked to analyse all the documents inside, and everything related to the strange town of Twin Peaks. She also has to determine the identity of the person who compiled the dossier . . . Along the way, she discovers secrets about the lives of the town's residents, but also investigative reports from Dale Cooper, who has since vanished, newspaper clippings, an autopsy report, and other classified information . . . What happened since the death of the young woman? And why did an anonymous 'archivist' compile such a thorough dossier on Twin Peaks and its origins.

Co-Creator, Mr Mark Frost

If you have not seen Season 3, it sounds as though Agent Cooper (Mr Kyle MacLachlan) hasn’t been seen since the events of the original Twin Peaks finale where he was last seen trapped in the sinister Black Lodge.  Could he have been trapped there all this time? And who is the female FBI agent investigating his disappearance?  The new Twin Peaks has assembled a mouth-watering cast, with 217 stars – including Monica Bellucci, Tim Roth, Amanda Seyfried, Naomi Watts, Michael Cera and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Watch the Twin Peaks (2017) main title sequence above with some familiar faces and check out some damn fine original moments, here.

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