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A Great Dram : Glenfiddich Project XX Whisky

Glenfiddich, the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Whisky, launched the Experimental series, a special range (including the excellent Glenfiddich Project XX Whisky) which aims to push the boundaries of Scotch through collaborating with artisans from the world of Whisky and beyond.

Last updated January 8th, 2024
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by Glenfiddich & Malt
Glenfiddich Project XX Whisky - Glenfiddich Speyside Whisky | SEIKK Magazine

The Experimental Series is designed to inspire unusual and unexpected variants by Dufftown’s celebrated malt makers. Glenfiddich Project XX Whisky (pronounced ‘twenty’) is made up of Whiskies selected by 20 of the distillery’s global brand ambassadors, from a number of different casks, before being skilfully combined by master blender Mr Brian Kinsman.

Glenfiddich Project XX Whisky Notes

Colour: deep copper.

On the nose: ... much more classic Speyside. From a gentle grassy intro, through orange and vanilla, to sultanas and dried apricots.

In the mouth: blood oranges, with toffee fudge, vanilla, a little cinnamon. ... lightly textured but with a silky edge. Sultanas, raisins – European oak showing itself? – with cloves, baked apples, pastry. Hazelnuts. A sprinkling of muscovado sugar. Milk chocolate. Quite autumnal. Touch tannic on the finish.

Really very nice.

Tasting Notes from Malt

The series has an interesting concept and Project XX is well dressed, but essentially it is an old-fashioned Speyside Whisky complete with a wonderful nose and palate. Bottled at an unusual 47% ABV Glenfiddich Project XX costs around £50.

Watch the video above and try a Sea Salt Flake serve, it’s a small change to a classic Whisky pouring but adds a subtle new dimension of flavour.

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