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Haydenshapes White Noiz Futures 6’1 Surfboard
Mens Haydenshapes White Noiz PE-C Futures 6'1 Surfboard in White back


White Noiz Futures 6’1 Surfboard

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The Mens Haydenshapes White Noiz PE-C Futures 6’1 Surfboard in White. Please choose ‘Buy Now’ above for more White Haydenshapes White Noiz Futures 6’1 Surfboard information, or to select a different size at BLUE TOMATO.

Introducing the Haydenshapes White Noiz Surfboard, designed to improve your wave riding. Suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers, it offers a balance of performance and versatility. With its streamlined shape and medium curvature, it allows for smooth turns while maintaining speed. The wider front and narrower rear enhance stability and responsiveness in different wave conditions.

The Haydenshapes White Noiz Surfboard is a reliable choice for surfers seeking better performance, speed, and control. Whether you prefer powerful waves or gentle swells, this board will enhance your surfing experience. So grab your board and get ready to ride the perfect wave with the Haydenshapes White Noiz 6’1 Surfboard.


  • The perfect blend of a traditional shape combined with modern performance
  • Construction – PE-C (Polyethylene Carbon) with Futures Fin Box
  • Tail – Squash, Length – 6’1 Thruster setup
  • Volume –31.3 liter, Width – 19.6 inch, Thickness – 2.5 inch
  • Rider Ability – Advanced
  • Haydenshapes Branding
  • White Colourway

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Created in Australia in 1997 by Hayden Cox, Haydenshapes is a performance surf board studio. Signature FutureFlex Haydenshapes surfboard models include Craig Anderson ‘s Hypto Krypto, Holy Grail or Plunder surfboards, with Futures or FCS II fins set up. Hayden Shapes : modern surfboard design and innovation.