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The Fiji Pro Goes To The Outerknown

Outerknown the sustainable clothing brand founded by Mr Kelly Slater and Mr John Moore, sponsor the iconic WSL Championship Tour event in Fiji.

Last updated July 12th, 2024
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by WSL / Ed Sloane, Kelly Cestari & Outerknown
sustainable clothing brand outerknown t shirt and surfer Kelly Slater at WSL outerknown fiji pro | SEIKK Magazine
sustainable clothing brand outerknown towel and surfer Kelly Slater at wsl outerknown fiji pro | SEIKK Magazine
outerknown chinos t shirt board shorts and surfer Kelly Slater at WSL outerknown fiji pro | SEIKK Magazine
Gabriel medina surfing a perfect wave at WSL outerknown fiji pro - sustainable clothing brand outerknown | SEIKK Magazine
outerknown chinos t shirt sweatshirt and surfer Kelly Slater at WSL outerknown fiji pro | SEIKK Magazine
john john Florence surfing at WSL outerknown fiji pro - outerknown by Kelly Slater | SEIKK Magazine

I fell in love with the small island of Tavarua a long time ago and I go back a few times every year . . . It's definitely my favorite escape and may be home to the happiest people on earth.

Mr Kelly Slater

The Outerknown Fiji Pro

Outerknown is a coastal-minded premium apparel brand that is rooted in style, travel, and sustainability. Built with progressive organic and recycled materials sourced from responsible factories, the brand hopes to inspire positive change within the industry. The Three-year partnership came as a bit of a surprise to many as the Kering-backed brand has gained a following within the boutique market and has always sought to distance itself from the surfing mainstream. Yet Mr Slater has a very good relationship with the island of Tavarua, and names the left-hander as one of his favourite waves, so the Outerknown partnership is perhaps a natural evolution. He is also a four-time event winner and has constantly delivered barrel-breaking performances in Fiji, over the years.

Check out Mr Slater’s performance at Cloudbreak back in June 2013.

In the forthcoming event, the 11x World Champion will be competing for the very last time at Cloudbreak, as he takes on current World Champion Mr John John Florence and last years victor Mr Gabriel Medina. Medina is the form surfer at this spot on the tour, as in the five events he has surfed in Fiji, he’s a two-time winner and three-time finalist.

As always the Fiji Pro will be broadcast LIVE on the WSL. If you’re planning on making the trip out to Tavarua you may want to check out Mr Slater’s Outerknown range for some sustainable après-surf wear.

Click the product names for a closer look, or use the link to shop all Outerknown.


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