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De Rosa SK Disc R8070 (Ultegra - 2019) Road Bike Road Bikes

De Rosa

Sk Disc R8070 Road Bike

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The stylish elegance of this bike’s design is mirrored by its aerodynamic performance. Optimised in the wind tunnel to ensure that it slices through the air as you ride, also the cables are all internally routed to enhance its aerodynamic prowess. This bike features the Shimano Ultegra R8070 Di2 electronic drivetrain, including the Ultegra disc brakes, to ensure that shifting and braking performance are at the top level. Effortless Gear Shifting This bike build is aimed to make any cycling session better, faster and more rewarding. You will experience an amazingly fast and responsive ride, which shifts with the best precision and speed imaginable. Thanks to the electronic interface, the gears shift effortlessly with the push of a button. As the system is electronically automated and there are no mechanical cables to perform the derailleur movements, shifting is always perfect and there are no cables to wear over time – this truly is the future of high-performance road cycling. Powerful and Controlled Hydraulic Disc Brake Performance Thanks to the phenomenal advancements in disc brake technology, the Ultegra disc brake system is one of the very best options on the market. The power and modulation (control) that disc brakes provide enables you to brake much later when coming into corners, enabling you to naturally maintain momentum and the exit the corner faster than when using traditional rim brakes. Since the disc brake rotor is mounted on the hub at the centre of the wheel, unlike rim brakes, it is less likely to become covered in water, grit and grime during rough weather conditions. This brake system provides better power, modulation and much greater reliability in demanding weather conditions, making it ultimately safer for you and should you be riding in a group, much safer for everyone else. Increased Training and Race Day Performance To finish this bike off and complete this masterful build, De Rosa has equipped it with a combination of Deda and Prologo components for the finishing kit. The bike rolls on the excellent Racing 400 Race wheels from Fulcrum combined with the rolling performance and grip enhancing Continental Grand Sport Race tyres. This lightweight, graceful bike wants to be ridden fast and does so by ensuring efficiency, control and reliability are perfect. The SK Disc is perfect if you are looking for a bike that will help you increase your race performance and achieve your riding goals.

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Established in Milan in 1953 by Ugo De Rosa, De Rosa is an Italian bicycle company renowned for their road and racing bikes. De Rosa has a rich cycling heritage and the 1970s the brand designed bikes for Mr Eddy Merckx, one of the greatest cycling stars of that era.