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Mens Pashley Parabike Hybrid Bike Blue 19 Inch


Parabike Bike

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The Pashley Parabike is the epitome of practical, reliable and stylish cycling, being as it is an evolution of the Airborne bicycles of the Second World War. These were carried by British paratroopers dropping into occupied France, who would use these cycles to get around both city and countryside on their important missions. It is this unique heritage that makes the Parabike the perfect companion in all aspects of your life, wherever you may wander. This Pashley Parabike 2019 Hybrid Bike is in Blue and 19 Inch

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Established in Birmingham in 1926 by William ‘Rath’ Pashley, Pashley Cycles produce hand-built steel bicycles and tricycles. Pashley Cycles describe their classic bikes as ‘different by design… distinctive by nature’, and are proud to be the longest-established British bicycle manufacturer’.