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Ooni Pro Large Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven


Pro Large Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Found at John Lewis & Partners

The large Ooni Pro is the first outdoor pizza oven that can be used with up to four different types of fuel: wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas. This makes it highly versatile with ample size for cooking large roast meats, fish, vegetables, baking bread and lots more. Key features: Fuelled by wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas Cooking surface: 45 x 45cm 15mm cordierite stone baking board for excellent heat retention Ceramic fibre insulated 430 stainless steel shell and chimney Wood and charcoal burner included Viewing window Door with thermometer Letterbox pizza door Dual airflow control Ignition: non-chemical fire starter or domestic blow torch Can be moved from table top to garage after use or loaded into the boot of a car Use the security loop to secure to garden furniture Manual and safety instructions, safety gloves and allen key included Reaching temperatures of 500°C in just 20 minutes, the Ooni Pro will cook a true wood-fired, stone-baked Neapolitan pizza (up to 16-inches in size) in just 60 seconds. It comes with two doors, one with a thermometer to check the oven’s temperature at a glance. The Ooni Pro Pizza Door has a ‘letterbox’ opening to slide pizzas in and out easily. It’s fully removable and easy to put in a large piece of meat or bread. It comes with the wood and charcoal burner as a standard, for burning regular wood kindling as well as charcoal. Try charcoal to provide the main baseline of heat and just before a pizza goes in, add a little wood for extra flavour. Please note: not all our ranges are on display in our shops. For more information, please speak to a furniture Partner in store, or call 03452 661805 and we can tell you where the range you’d like to view is on display.

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