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Nordisk Asgard 12.6 Wall Tents


Asgard 12.6 Wall Tent

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The Asgard 12.6 Wall is designed to extent the height of your Asgard tent, coming with 3 extra pole segments for extending the centre pole and two A pole legs by the entrance. This extension offers much more headroom, allowing you to easily stand up and move around inside the tent. An extra handy feature is leaving in the extra poles to turn up the sides, creating a parasol or tarp. Dimensions: Pack size: 12 x 79cm Weight: 5kg

Product code: 25201398221887

With a heritage dating back to 1901 Nordisk produce beautiful Scandinavian tents and outdoor camping gear. Their iconic tents like the Alfheim, uses white technical cotton to update and reviving the traditional canvas bell tent.