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Haydenshapes Surfboards - Haydenshapes Plunder FF Surfboard - Clear

Hayden Shapes

Plunder Ff Surfboard

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The Plunder from Haydenshapes is a full plan shaped small wave performance board that is easy to paddle and generates speed with ease. With a longboard centre fin box and four Futures boxes you can ride this board with a variety of fin set ups to suit your mood. With the wide point pushed right up towards the nose the board picks up waves and trims with lots of speed even in smaller weaker surf. The diamond tail combined with a subtle hip towards the back fins means you can still get this board on rail despite its floaty hybrid appearance. With a relatively flat rocker throughout rolled Vee concave on entry and double Vee out of the tail the Plunder makes the most out of even the smallest of surf picking up speed easily and carrying that down the line and through turns. With the fin box selection that Hayden has chosen the Plunder can be ridden in a variety of ways depending on what style of surfing you want to emulate. With just the single centre fin being :: Unisex > Surfboards. Rocker: Flat Rider ability: Intermediate to Pro Fin system: Futures Quad with Longboard Centre (Not included) Tail Shape: Diamond Construction: Futureflex

Product code: 177200008386141

Founded 1997 by Hayden Cox in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, HAYDENSHAPES is a leading Australian Surfboard brand legitimated by Tom Carroll and Craig Anderson. The Hypto Krypto, epitomises Hayden ‘s creativity and innovation in performance surfboard design.