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Maluku Surfboards - Maluku Genie 3 Fin - Turquoise


Beach Burn Fcs Ii Twin Fin Surfboard

Found at Surfdome

Part of the 2017 ‘Modern Cloud Control 2’ Collection with a continued progressive design approach to some of the most famous retrospective board designs the ‘BEACH BURN’ is the round tail almost “winter twinny´┐Ż version of the ‘BEACH CLOUD’ twin keel fish. The simple addition of the round tail enables better hold and positioning in steeper or hollow faces but it also adds more curve through back half of board to maneuver in the pocket and pivot effortlessly rail to rail. This board has subtle singles the whole way through the bottom which just adds to the speed and trim in down the line or bigger waves and with a pulled the rail line down but kept a flat deck panel which keeps volume in the board but gives more bite when its biting back. :: Unisex > Surfboards. Low to medium rails Concave: Slight to single concave through out the whole board Fin Boxes: FCS II Fin Setup: Twin fin with an extra centre fin Suggested Wave Height: Best ridden between 2ft – 6ft Misfit Beach Burn surfboard Tail Shape: Rounded tail for smooth turns

Product code: 177200009863816