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misfit sinister kid fcs ii 5 fin surfboard green misfit surfboards


Sinister Kid Fcs Ii 5 Fin Surfboard

Found at Surfdome

This small wave groveler board combines a super flat rocker with a lot of surface area to work well in small waves and weaker sections. This Green Misfit Sinister Kid FCS II 5 Fin Surfboard has impressive paddle power thanks to the extra width under the chest and the medium-full rails allow for a forgiving ride. The 5-fin set-up means you can choose between a thruster or a quad set-up to suit conditions with a quad working well in hollower waves for added speed and hold. This board is an ideal addition to your quiver for those super small summer waves that require a little more volume to get going. It is recommended that you go 10″ shorter and 2″” wider than your regular shortboard. Dimensions :: Unisex > Surfboards. Concave: Rolled reverse vee through entry running down to a double concave vee around fin area and out through tail Fin Box: FCS II Construction: PU Fibreglass Rail: Medium/ full rail Rider Ability: Intermediate – Advanced Rocker: Flat rocker throughout Fin Set-Up: 5-fin set-up gives you the option of a thruster (3) or a quad (4) Wave Height: 1-4ft Misfit Sinister Kid 5-fin surfboard Tail: Rounded square tail”

Product code: 177200009532857