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Hurley Advantage Max 5/3mm Fullsuit Men's Wetsuit - Black


Hurley Advantage Max 5/3mm Wetsuit

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Featuring a soft interior with Infrared technology to help keep you warm, the Hurley Advantage Max 5/3mm Fullsuit Men’s Wetsuit lets you move quickly and fully-so you can stay comfortable in cold conditions. Quick On, Easier Off The chest zip is open at both ends to stretch with the suit, while remaining watertight and flush against your skin. An innovative toggle fastener lets you secure the chest opening with one hand, so you can cinch and go. Move Freely The Paddle Assist forearm design features grooves that grab water as you pull back, bringing added force to each and every paddle. Incredible Insulation, Lightweight Feel Interior Infrared technology is lighter, warmer and softer to the touch than its predecessor for better insulation and comfort.

Product code: 3058601946884188

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