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Assouline Books & City Guides - 'Chateau Life' in Multicolour Paper


Chateau Life Book

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Assouline Books & City Guides ‘Chateau Life’ in Multicolour A celebration of the French approach to mealtimes, Assouline’s ‘Chateau Life’ by Jane Webster is a catalogue of recipes that embrace the traditions of the French table. Photographed by Robyn Lea and divided into ten categories, the 60 recipe book spans themes that include holiday traditions, lunchbox contents and the French Sunday lunch, all of which the Australian author and her family have adopted and honed whilst living in the country. Dishes such as three-cheese soufflé, chicken and tarragon pies, or lemon curd panna cotta are presented alongside the family’s gastronomic adventures, with an emphasis placed on good conversation and company as the best accompaniments to each meal. {5} Sold by WallpaperSTORE*

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Founded by Prosper and Martine Assouline in Paris in 1994, Assouline is a publishing house producing books in collaboration with the world’s best designers, architects, artists and photographers. Assouline books are beautifully presented and the perfect coffee table accessory.