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Barti Ddu Barti Ddu Pembrokeshire Seaweed Spiced Rum

Barti Ddu

Pembrokeshire Spiced Rum

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True seafaring grog. Named after a legendary Welsh pirate, Barti Ddu is a heavily spiced Caribbean rum infused with oranges, lemons, cloves, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and Pembrokeshire laver seaweed. This latter delicacy – also known as Welshman’s caviar – has long been used to flavour beer and stout, but now it has created a unique, rich, sweet rum with the unmistakable tang of the sea and unfathomable depth. Serve neat, over ice or with ginger beer and a slice of orange. As the old proverb goes: live by the sword, die by the sword. Born in 1682, John Roberts grew up in Little Newcastle, a small village in the far west of Wales. He went to sea with the Royal Navy at thirteen, and forged a successful career for getting on two decades before being captured by pirates. Rather than being forced to walk the plank, he proved himself a useful asset and in time became the most successful, feared and savage pirate captain to sail the seven seas in the Gold Age of Piracy. Changing his name to Bartholomew Roberts, he was known as Black Bart, or in Welsh Barti Ddu. Rumoured to have bested more than 400 vessels, been the first to fly the Jolly Roger and written the pirate code, Roberts dressed in silk and was always accompanied by a musical band. Unfortunately he was killed in 1722 by a broadside from a ship belonging to his former employer, the Royal Navy. Wrapped in his ship’s sail and bundled overboard, he now sleeps with the fishes amongst the seaweed. Rather fittingly, the ship that took him was the HMS Swallow. And swallow we shall, a tot of Barti Ddu to this piratical legend.£5.14 per 100.00ml

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Established in 2017 by Jonathan Williams in Pembrokeshire Barti Ddu Rum is named after Welsh pirate Barti Ddu, arguably the greatest pirate who ever lived. Barti Ddu is made from a spiced blend of Caribbean rum, seasoned with notes of vanilla, clove, orange and hand-picked laver seaweed.