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Bristol Classic Rum Foursquare Distillery Fine Barbados Rum 2004

Bristol Classic Rum

Foursquare Distillery Rum

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Made in Barbados – the birth place of rum – by the same family-run distillery that brought you R.L. Seale’s, Doorly’s and Rum Sixty Six. Created by Master Distiller Richard Seale in 2004 and bottled in 2016, this is an immaculately balanced rum simmering with oak spice, dried fruit, sweet syrup and smoky tar. A masterclass in cask selection, long and patient ageing and the craftsmanship of Foursquare, which has to be one of greatest distilleries on Earth. John Barrett of Bristol Classic Rum lovingly seeks out rare rums of distinction produced by individual estates. Sometimes just single barrels from single stills, these rums spend years maturing in damp dark cellars on the British mainland. Effectively John Barrett follows the model akin to that of an independent whisky bottler. Whisky expert Dave Broom says that: “His firm is, as far as I know, the only one to attempt to do for rum what malt whisky has done for Scotch – premium, small batch, top end, single distillery/single still spirits with individuality and character.” Bottled straight from the cask with only the lightest of filtration, these limited edition rums should be sipped as you would a malt whisky, aged calvados or the finest cognac.£12.57 per 100.00ml

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