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Chivas Regal Chivas Regal Mizunara Blended Scotch Whisky

Chivas Regal

Mizunara Blended Scotch Whisky

Found at Harvey Nichols & Co Ltd

Originally released in 2014 for the Japanese market, Harvey Nichols has managed to secure a handful of bottles of Chivas Regal Mizunara. Master Distiller Colin Scott travelled to Japan and was so inspired by the Mizunara barrels and the cult following the whisky aged in them amasses that he was driven to create this. After World War II, Japan found it very hard to secure barrels to mature its whisky in, but demand was growing. So they turned to Japanese oak, also known as Mizunara. It’s very difficult to work with, making it expensive and rare, but it imparts exotic aromas of sandalwood, incense and spices. Whiskies aged in it are therefore always intriguing and unique. Chivas Regal has blended malt and grain whiskies, then married them together in Mizunara to create this rare bottling. The result is packed with tropical fruit – banana, passionfruit, mango – alongside peach, pear, Christmas spices, wildflowers, cashew nuts, tarragon, star anise, wood shavings and vanilla ice cream. This special edition is a wonderful introduction to this distinctive wood.£8.57 per 100.00ml

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