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Estancia Raicilla Agave Spirit


Raicilla Agave Spirit

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You know how, after years of slamming throat-stripping fiery spirits with salt and lemon, Tequila and Mezcal suddenly became cool? And now everybody is sipping them and putting them in fancy cocktails? Well stay ahead of the curve with Raicilla‚Ķ Pronounced ‘rye-see-ya’ and meaning small root, this comes from the R & J Estancia distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, and, despite being an artisan agave spirit with a four-hundred-year history placing it around the time of the conquistadors, it’s rarely seen let alone tasted these days. Traditionally sold like moonshine without government approval, Raicilla is made in a similar way to Mezcal. Estancia is crafted from the hearts of the wild Maximiliana agave, which takes 10 to 15 years to mature – substantially longer than the blue agave used for Tequila. As you sip it you’ll discover damson, roasted pineapple, peppercorn, hibiscus, lemon zest and the distant smoke of burning grass; this deeply aromatic and slightly softer, sweeter spirit is also incredibly versatile for mixing into cocktails. Think of it as Mexico’s answer to gin. Embrace wild Raicilla and stay one step ahead of the fashionistas.

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