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Marca Negra Espadin Mezcal - 200ml

Marca Negra

Espadin Mezcal – 200ml

Found at Harvey Nichols & Co Ltd

Marca Negra means black mark and is named after the handprint logo which reflects the hand-crafted nature of this fantastic mezcal producer. This superb example from San Luis Del Rio, Oaxaca, is made from 100% Espadin agave. Mezcals taken from different regions are produced by some of the most skilled Maestros to achieve a Mezcal with perfect balance between spice, earth, and smoke elements. Grown from agave that has had 8 -12 years to mature at 2,187 metres above sea level, the nose exudes clean and fresh aromas of very ripe fruit followed by smouldering fruit wood fire. Zesty and concentrated on the palate, with an incredible depth and intensity, this is a wonderfully expressive example of Espadin Mezcal.£14.88 per 100.00ml

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