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Papadiablo Papadiablo Espadin Mezcal


Espadin Mezcal

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This Mezcal from Papadiablo is handcrafted purely from Espadin agave and is made entirely from natural organic material with no chemicals or modified yeasts, and it’s not watered down. Hailing from Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, south of Oaxaca City, it’s a flavour explosion of rain on hot ground, tropical fruit, Lampong peppercorns and warm saddle leather. The name means ‘Pope Devil’, so pour yourself a shot or two from the tactile bottle, sip it, and see whether your thoughts turn to the spiritual and heavenly or the dark and wicked. Being a Master Mezcalero sounds cool, but it’s hard work. Ask Don Alberto Ortiz and his son Onofre. They plant the agave and tend them for up to eight years while they mature. They then cut the spines off and carry the heart on their shoulders (or by donkey) to the fire pit. They work through the night filling the pit with logs, lighting them, then adding large stones, the agave hearts, more stones, a wet sheet of palm fibres and a layer of earth. This handmade conical oven cooks the agave for three days and three nights. They remove the agave and chop it down with a machete as if it were pork for tacos. They then beat it with a hammer to grind it. This takes a week, then comes fermentation, then distillation in log-fired copper stills. After all of this, you’d need a drink. Luckily, you’ve got Papadiablo Espadin, one of the finest Mezcals on the market. Cheers to that!

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