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Patron Gran Patrón Piedra Extra Añejo Tequila


Gran Patrón Piedra Extra Añejo Tequila

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Tequila Patrón’s premium Gran Patrón range contains just three Tequilas, Piedra being the very oldest. And it’s like the ultimate spirit, offering something to love for fans of Scotch, Cognac, American whiskey, Sauternes or rum. Piedra is Spanish for stone, named in reference to the volcanic stone wheel used to crush the agave. However, if this Tequila really were a stone, it would be marble: polished smooth, intricately detailed and exquisitely sculpted. Created using the highest quality agave, hand-selected for its high sugar content, the treasured Tequila is then aged for over three years in American and French oak barrels. This Extra Añejo style deserves its place alongside single malt whisky and Cognac; it’s unctuous with dark caramel, earthy agave, roasted herbs, tobacco and dried tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, papaya, banana and kiwi. Filled into a numbered crystal bottle and smartly boxed with a nod to the volcanic stone, Tequila doesn’t get much better than this. The team at Hacienda Patrón say: “We didn’t invent Tequila, we just perfected it.” And when you taste their spirit, it’s obvious that they really have. Each bottle takes thirty people to hand craft it. The process starts in the Jalisco highlands, where the Weber Blue Agave takes eight or more years to ripen. These huge plants are then harvested and chopped manually. The enormous hearts, or piña, are baked in brick ovens for at least three days, before being crushed with an almost two tonne volcanic stone Tahona wheel. The juice is then fermented for 72 hours, then distilled in handmade copper stills by Francisco Alcaraz, who has been with the company from the very start. The Tequila is finally filled into artisan bottles and topped with a bulbous cork created in Lisbon. Each painstakingly perfect step is carried out by hand. And as if that wasn’t enough, Tequila Patrón also recycle their water, compost their leftover agave, invest in sustainable agave, plant trees, educate their workers, su

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