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Pescador De Sueños Aprendiz Mezcal Joven

Pescador De Sueños

Aprendiz Mezcal Joven

Found at Harvey Nichols & Co Ltd

Aprendiz is produced by the distillery Santasabia and translates as ‘apprentice’. The objective was to create a contemporary but integral style of mezcal that would feel like an introductory option for consumers who are emerging in to the category. The striking branding and original artwork are based on the concepts of mystics, alchemy and pop culture, and appeal to a modern market yet at the same time to connect with a narrative that makes references to the place of origin: mysterious Oaxaca, México. Instead of opting for dark hues, Aprendiz keeps things light and mystical. Detailed, hand-drawn images of a sun, moon, compass, fire, and more contribute to the supernatural quality of the design. The bottle comes wrapped in a paper made from these graphics, giving it a unique, one-of-a-kind feel. Elegantly smoky and impeccably balanced, Aprendiz boasts a deep and complex character which is refined yet characterful. Delicious to sip neat, or a perfect base for cocktails, Aprendiz is a versatile and rewarding expression of mezcal.£11.36 per 100.00ml

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