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Plantation Barbados 5 Year Old Artisanal Rum


Barbados 5 Year Old Artisanal Rum

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A Barbadian document penned in 1651 said that: “The chief fuddling they make in the island is Rumbullion‚Ķ and this is made of sugar canes distilled, a hot, hellish, and terrible liquor.” Those days are long gone. Barbados – widely accepted as the birthplace of rum as we know it – now produces some of the smoothest spirits on the planet. Plantation 5 Year Old Rum is a perfect case in point. Distilled from the finest sugar cane, it’s aged for around four years in Bourbon casks on the on the tempestuous tropical island, before being shipped to Chteau de Bonbonnet, home of Cognac masters Maison Ferrand. Here it rests for over a year in small oak Cognac barrels in the cool and calm of the ancient cellars. The result is a dangerously drinkable and multiple gold medal-winning rum. Nurse this warming brew and you’ll find leather, candied tropical fruit, caramel, orange peel, fried cinnamon bananas, vanilla, coconut, roasted peaches and Sauternes-soaked raisins. Then just on the finish, there’s a fiery spice – a reminder of its roots, but far more heavenly than hellish. In the late 1980s Alexandre Gabriel of the Cognac house Maison Ferrand set of on an adventure, he was scouring the Caribbean in search of the region’s finest rums. His passion gave birth to Plantation, an artisanal range of rums from the great terroirs of the tropics. Combining French savoir faire with Caribbean joie de vivre, Plantation’s outturn is a treasure trove for rum lovers and spirits enthusiasts.¬£5.29 per 100.00ml

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