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Plantation Original Dark Double Aged Rum


Original Dark Double Aged Rum

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Via Trinidad, Jamaica and France, the outstanding Plantation Original Dark Double Aged Rum has landed in the United Kingdom. Young, fiery Trinidadian rum and smooth, old Jamaican rum are shipped to Chteau de Bonbonnet, the home of Cognac masters Maison Ferrand, where they are married together and further matured in the house’s exquisitely coopered Cognac barrels. We feel that the term ‘Original’ in the name is understating it a little. The result is a marvellous menagerie of stewed prunes, barbequed banana, cherry, raisins, Russian Caravan tea, vanilla, cinnamon and clove; it goes in sticky and unctuous and finishes dry and super spicy. What makes this rum so exciting is that it’s robust enough to sip neat, but also makes a wonderful basis for a Dark & Stormy, a Sour, an Old Fashioned or a tropical twist on a Corpse Reviver. In the late 1980s Alexandre Gabriel of the Cognac house Maison Ferrand set of on an adventure, he was scouring the Caribbean in search of the region’s finest rums. His passion gave birth to Plantation, an artisanal range of rums from the great terroirs of the tropics. Combining French savoir-faire with Caribbean joie de vivre, Plantation’s outturn is a treasure trove for rum lovers and spirits enthusiasts.£4.29 per 100.00ml

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