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RumJava Signature Coffee Blended Rum


Signature Coffee Blended Rum

Found at Harvey Nichols & Co Ltd

RumJava describe this as “di best a di best”, and it’s hard to argue with that assertion. Their hand-bottled Signature Coffee Blended Rum, which has already picked up two gold medals at Miami RumFest, is a rich molasses rum infused with Java’Mon Signature Blend coffee beans for 30 days. A little touch of coconut, vanilla and caramel enhances the vibe and rounds it out with a little Caribbean sunshine. Sip it neat or mix it into an innovative twist on the Espresso Martini, Old Fashioned, White Russian or Negroni. Although distilled in a copper stack pot still in sunny Florida, RumJava is heavily inspired by Caribbean culture and this small batch artisan rum is packed with tropical island charm. One sip will have you slipping on some Bob Marley, swaying like a palm tree with your bredren and singing: “Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” And it will because there are no synthetic flavours here. This niceness is infused with freshly roasted coffee beans from the experts behind Java’Mon, based on the paradise that is Saint John in the US Virgin Island. Stateside RumJava is collecting gold medals faster than Usain Bolt, and it has graced the pages of both Vogue and GQ. In short, it’s guaranteed to have you feeling irie.£5.71 per 100.00ml

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