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Mens Hedon Hedonist Banshee Helmet in Metallic Black


Hedonist Banshee Helmet

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The Mens Hedon Hedonist Banshee Helmet in Metallic Black. The Hedon Hedonist motorbike helmet is the perfect open face Hedon lid for those devoted to the ride in the pursuit of unrivalled pleasure. In our widest spectrum of personalities you will always find your perfect partner; paired with either our shield or bubble visor, available in a wide range of colours including smoke and mirror, there’s no reason to never be seen out together. The Hedon Hedonist Banshee’s personality suits those rare souls that ride like the screaming wind.

Product code: 4032200588688963

Founded in 2011, London based Hedon create designer motorcycle helmets. Classic Hedon helmets include their Heroine and Hedon Hedonist helmets, or Epicurist and Cafe Racer motorcycle styles with retro motorbike bubble visors. Hedon ‘s name is derived from “Hedonism : the pursuit of pleasure”.