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Mens Leica M10-p Safari Edition Digital Camera in Black


M10-p Safari Edition Digital Camera

Found at Mr Porter

The Mens Leica M10-p Safari Edition Digital Camera in Black. Leica designed the ‘M10-P’ with the quietest shutter of any ‘M’-series camera, making it possible to get really great candid shots – Grammy-nominated photographer Mr Mathieu Bitton says it’s what allows him to capture celebrities’ most genuine moments. Built-in Germany with a durable full-metal chassis and scratch-resistant Corning┬« Gorilla┬« Glass to withstand bad weather, this slimmed-down Leica camera model features a redeveloped 24-megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor and the newest Leica Maestro-II image processor to produce images of exceptional quality with low noise levels and true-to-life details. The signature ‘Messsucher’ viewfinder and touch-screen display improve focusing accuracy, while the extended ISO sensitivity range boosts resolution and sharpness. Use the Leica-M app as a wireless control and to transfer pictures instantly to your phone.

Product code: 2631901920766198

The iconic Leica Camera brand was born in 1913 in Wetzlar, Germany. The first practical 35mm camera Leica transformed the embryonic genre of photojournalism allowing people to take photos on the move. Since then Leica cameras have been synonymous with technical innovation and practical adventuring. A perfect accompaniment for the SEIKK gentleman.