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Leica Sl System Camera Body


Sl System Camera Body

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Leica ‘s SL System body features an electronic EyeRes® viewfinder – the first of its kind to be found on a camera used for professional photography – that offers superior optics, particularly in challenging lighting conditions. The built-in 24 MP CMOS sensor offers maximum image sharpness, while the Maestro II series high-performance processor ensures an instantaneous response to every command. Additional recording capabilities convert this piece into a fully-fledged video camera. EyeRes® viewfinder – 24 MP CMOS sensor – Made in Germany

Product code: 3836002102397734

The iconic Leica Camera brand was born in 1913 in Wetzlar, Germany. The first practical 35mm camera Leica transformed the embryonic genre of photojournalism allowing people to take photos on the move. Since then Leica cameras have been synonymous with technical innovation and practical adventuring. A perfect accompaniment for the SEIKK gentleman.