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Aesop - Deodorant Spray, 50ml - Brown


– Deodorant Spray, 50ml – Brown

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Aesop takes an all-natural approach to hygiene, and this aluminium-free deodorant spray typifies the ethos. Formulated with 11 nourishing essential oils such as soothing Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, the clear-drying mist is designed to neutralise odour and refresh skin. Deep, woody Vetiver is one of the strongest top notes and leaves a subtle, sophisticated fragrance. – Deodorant for daily use – After cleansing, point and spray under each arm. Refresh as needed – Aluminium free – – 50ml/ 1.7fl.oz.- For Men.

Product code: 2631901770113633

Established in 1987, Aesop create hair and body care products of the finest quality. The Australian brand utilises plant-based sources with a proven record of safety, to ensure each Aesop product will meet your male grooming needs.