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1882 Ltd Tableware - 'Dunes' bowl, small in Cream Earthenware

1882 Ltd

Tableware – ‘dunes’ Bowl, Small In Cream Earthenware

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1882 Ltd Tableware ‘Dunes’ bowl, small in Cream Elegant, simple and refined, the ‘Dunes’ bowl is an exceptional demonstration of skill and craftsmanship. Taken from 1882 Ltd’s ‘Dunes’ collection, comprising fine bone china tableware and creamware, this small bowl was designed by Philippe Malouin, whose minimalistic patterns have been translated via analogue 3D-printing. Slip-cast from plaster models, each handcrafted earthenware bowl offers its own unique series of imperfections and randomised material deposition. {5} Sold by WallpaperSTORE*

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