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Kinto Kitchen & Tools - 'Kakomi Ih Donabe', small in Black Ceramic


Kitchen & Tools – ‘kakomi Ih Donabe’, Small In Black Ceramic

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Kinto Kitchen & Tools ‘Kakomi Ih Donabe’, small in Black Kinto’s ‘Kakomi’ collection extracts the joy found in gathering for a meal. The pleasure created in shared dining experiences is best demonstrated with the donabe, a traditional Japanese clay pot that can steam, simmer and stew food at the table. Suitable for gas, induction, or halogen cooktops, this small ceramic pot retains heat and is ideally sized so as not to interrupt social activity while the cooking takes place. Set down, let guests help themselves and allow the conversation to flow. 1.2 litre capacity. {5} Sold by WallpaperSTORE*

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