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Serax Decorative Objects - 'Terrazzo' pot, small in White Terrazzo


Decorative Objects – ‘terrazzo’ Pot, Small In White Terrazzo

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Serax Decorative Objects ‘Terrazzo’ pot, small in White Taken from the new ‘Emaille’ collection by Serax’s resident designer, Marie Michielssen, the terrazzo pot bears all the interior designer’s hallmarks – a perfect balance of style, material and colour. Crafted from a solid block of newly en vogue white terrazzo, this pot presents the long-established material in a new light, and can be utilised in a variety of ways – from a plant holder to a desktop storage vessel for pens and pencils. {5} Sold by WallpaperSTORE*

Product code: 2830902088327700

Serax homeware enhances your home, adds personality to your interior and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. Relying only on the most passionate designers from all over the globe Serax items are manufactured by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. To experience, to share, and to discover the things that create a home that inspires happiness.