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Paraboot Prevert Black Shoes 115812 for men UK


Prevert Black Shoes

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French derby shoe by Paraboot Nappa leather upper 5 eyelet lace design Very durable & comfortable Nowegian stitched rubber soles Handmade in France What is a Norwegian stitch sole ? Click here to read more Material: 100% Leather upper 100 % Leather lined Gum Rubber sole Paraboot has been manufacturing in France, for almost 100 years. Shoes that are made to last and for walking as far as possible, using the strengths and skills of a bespoke workforce. All designs are handmade with total care. Paraboot has a sound reputation around the world for their highly durable simplistic designs combined with comfort. Taking care of your leather shoes: Leather is a natural product and can be fragile if not cared for correctly. By following the simple rules below you can improve the longevity and durability of your leather shoes. Ideally alternate your shoes with a 2nd pair to ensure they are not worn on successive days. By doing this you will allow the upper leather to relax, any perspiration from the days wear to dissipate and the leather to dry. If you are caught out in the rain, it is very important to allow your shoes to dry naturally for as long as is needed, never try and accelerate the drying process by exposing them to direct heat as this could cause the natural leather upper and sole to dry out and crack. To support the leather upper and keep the shape of the shoes when they are not being worn you can pack them with newspaper or buy a shoe tree. Clean your shoes regularly. Water and dirt can ruin the finish and shorten the life of your shoes. Remove surface debris and dust using a soft cloth. To nourish the leather, select a natural beeswax polish in a colour that most closely matches your shoes. PLEASE NOTE: We only dispatch these Paraboot Prevert Black Shoes to UK and Europe. Any orders from outside the EU will be cancelled

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Founded in Paris in 1908 by Alp-straddling Remy Richard, Paraboot has become one of the most respected French made shoe and boot brands around. Using the finest leather and signature rubber soles, Paraboots won’t let you down.