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Rough Diamond, The 2003 Defender 90

In 2016 and after 68 years, the last iconic Defender was rolled off the production line at the Land Rover Solihull factory, instantly making her more of a classic. This 2003 model customized by Cool n Vintage stays true to her utilitarian DNA with her boxy form efficiently defined by her rugged function that will deliver you to your destination, whilst taking care of anything else along the way.

November 20, 2016
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by Cool n Vintage

It’s a little tricky to drive at first but you soon learn. All you really need to do is slow down – and since when has that been a bad idea. You see more, take in more and do more.

Philosophically a pure utility vehicle, it is an enabler, the original lifestyle vehicle. It won’t be the only car in your garage, but it will be the one through which you will experience the most. It will enrich your life, your friends or your family. And all this in one of the most perfect pieces of industrial design the world has yet seen.

Mr Michael Harvey, Telegraph

The folks in Lisbon at Cool n Vintage have been rigging original and quirky classics for some time now.  This off road 4×4 machine is controlled by a 5 speed gearbox and powered by 2500cc beneath the hood. In terms of upgrades, this respectfully restored and customized Defender is finished in gorgeous Cappuccino Glasurit Paint with a Connolly Brown trim, beige Raffia Carpets and a Mohair Brown handmade hood, sitting on top of a set of Goodyear Wrangler heavy duty tires. For further information or to reserve this rare example, head over to

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