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Viks GT ‘Lamborghini’, A Two-Wheeled Supercar?

Inspired by a Lambo, this bold fixed gear bike is pretty unique.

October 30, 2018
Words by Staff Writer
Photos by Mr Felix Laasme & Mr Hooligan Hamlet
yellow single speed bicycle
yellow single speed bicycle
yellow single speed bicycle

(This angular low-profiled two-wheeler) was inspired by the sharp edges and triangles found on the design of Italian Lamborghini supercars.


Finished in Lamborghini yellow ‘Giallo Midas’ the Viks GT bicycle is made entirely out of aluminum alloy, making it 40% lighter and a sub 10kg urban commuter. Three years in the making the design incorporates an open frame with a single speed belt drive, disk brakes and carbon spoked wheels. The ride is said to be sporty with minimal flex despite the absence of a seat tube or a conventional triangulated bike frame.

If you want to be one of the first to ride the Lamborghini inspired Viks GT bike, then head over to the Estonian workshop’s official site for more information, here.

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