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Mens Salomon S/Max 100 Ski Boots in Black / Orange / White


S/max 100 Ski Boots

Found at Snow and Rock

The Mens Salomon S/Max 100 Ski Boots in Black / Orange / White. Elevate sensations, reduce weight and make every turn a blast.Designed in collaboration with Salomon’s Fast Collective, S/MAX boots are a radical new way of building boots. Coreframe construction uses a thinner shell with an internal frame reinforcement, making S/MAX lighter, more agile, and more sensitive than anything out there. You’ll feel your edges and terrain variations like never before. And the fit is completely customizable, with a pre-shaped seamless liner, Poly-Urethane and Kaprolene Lower Shell material, and new CUSTOM SHELL HD molding process in just ten minutes.The new Coreframe construction uses a thinner walled Sensitive Shell, reinforced with an internal Coreframe, to deliver both improved terrain feedback and power transmission to the edges. Super lightweight, the S/MAX provides a natural snow feel, and the Sense amplifier and 2 position strap offer the ultimate in rebound and adjustability for your skiing preferences.

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Established in 1947 in the French Alps, Salomon create world leading mountain products. The Salomon mountain sports collection includes ski clothing, trail running shoes, hiking trainers, outdoor jackets and climbing gear and their signature Salomon ski boots and skis. Salomon is the embodiment of “modern alpinism”.