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Sustainable Clothing Brand : WAWWA

Sustainable clothing brand WAWWA urge us to act ‘Before The Water Gets Too High’

Last updated July 12th, 2024
Words by Brit Seaton
Photos by WAWWA
Beach Location With Chairs UK - Sustainable Clothing Brand WAWWA | SEIKK Magazine
Beach Sea Tee & Backpack UK - Sustainable Clothing Brand WAWWA | SEIKK Magazine


For WAWWA co-founders and brothers Sean and Andy, it’s not an urban myth that
producing fast fashion continues to impact the environment. So the UK-based
sustainable clothing brand are running things softer and slower, committed to using
organic and recycled fabrics to put the earth and its inhabitants first.

WAWWA Sustainable Clothing

Designed and sampled in-house by their small team, WAWWA ’s campaign ‘Before The Water Gets Too High’ marks their first cut and sew collection and a not-so-subtle message about the reality of our effect on the planet.

Shot on location by the sea, the campaign for ‘Before The Water Gets Too High’ is a
journey through sandy shores, focusing on the connection between nature and
humankind. Amid ocean-blue hues, it’s a fitting place to reflect on shifting currents and rising waters, as detailed in the hand-drawn graphics of WAWWA ’s t-shirts and hoody.

Made with organic cotton, the collection also features an overshirt, dip-dyed and rugby-style sweatshirts, and a selection of sustainable fashion accessories. WAWWA have also created a recycled tote bag made with plastic salvaged from the sea, and a black 5-panel hat as part of their 1+1 collection — for every item purchased, another is donated to someone less fortunate.

WAWWA are showing us how sustainability in action can be done.

Their made-to-last outdoor wear designs, united with recycled fashion materials, are consciously created to maximise durability and minimise waste. And behind the scenes, WAWWA continues to blaze a trail for conscious fashion. Not only are they a living wage employer and PETA-approved as vegan, WAWWA are making sure to work with eco-friendly factories, including a family-run business in Portugal and a fair trade factory in India, powered by renewable wind and solar energy. The rest of their work is located in the heart of Manchester, at a 200-year-old cotton mill to be precise, which is pretty well-suited for a company working to restore a time when fashion wasn’t so fast.

In an age of over-production and consumption, WAWWA ’s message couldn’t be clearer: now is the time to act.

Sand Dunes Tee & Hoody Beach Walk UK - Sustainable Clothing Brand WAWWA | SEIKK Magazine

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Brit Seaton is a writer and editor for art, design and culture. She is currently based in Mannheim, Germany und sie kann Deutsch.

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