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WindBurner Duo 1.8L Stove System


Windburner Duo 1.8l Stove System

Found at Snow and Rock

The WindBurner Duo 1.8L Stove System from MSR features is the perfect combination of efficiency and minimalism and is ideal for backpacking trips with two to three people. With advanced technologies such as a radiant burner which offers a windproof heat source and a modular design so it can be adapted to your needs, you get a fast boil even in conditions that would cause other stoves to struggle. With a pressure regulator, you get a more consistent heat source throughout the life of the fuel even when you are running low. With a 1.8L for larger meals, it holds all the parts inside so transport and packing are simple.Please note: MSR IsoPro Gas Cartridge sold separately.

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